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LOVLand of the Vikings (various organizations)
LOVList of Values
LOVLetter of Verification
LOVLimit of Validity (aviation)
LOVLinked Open Vocabularies
LOVLos Osos Valley (California)
LOVLove of Variety (consumerism)
LOVLogical Object Volume
LOVLists of Value
LOVLine of Visibility
LOVLower Ottawa Valley (Canada)
LOVLight-Oxygen-Voltage Sensing Domain (protein sensors)
LOVLibrary of Virginia (Richmond, VA)
LOVLoss of Vehicle (space travel)
LOVMonclova, Coahuila, Mexico - Monclova Airport (Airport Code)
LOVLoss of Value
LOVLetter of Variation (various locations)
LOVLa Organización Verde (Spanish: Green Party, Guatemala)
LOVLast Office Visit
LOVLeuvense Oldtimer Vrienden (Dutch: Leuven Oldtimer Friends; automobile club; Leuven, Belgium)
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As noted above, in this study the eight LOV items served as the environmental elements to be compared across the Navajo and Anglo cultures.
The eight items of the LOV scale (security, sense of belonging, being well respected, self-respect, warm relationships with others, sense of accomplishment, self-fulfillment, and fun and enjoyment in life/excitement) were used to measure values.
H1: Anglo and Navajo students differ in the importance placed on the LOV items.
Thus, H1 was supported among four of the eight LOV items.
Hypothesis H2 was based upon the predicted impact of cultural gender experiences on the LOV values.
As predicted, based upon the earlier work of Johnston (1999), Lujan (1995), and Seggerman (1986), the results showed no significant differences in the importance placed on the eight LOV items by Navajo men and women.
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