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LOVELevel of Violence
LOVELaws of Vibrational Energy
LOVELiving Our Values Everyday
LOVELet Our Voices Emerge (charity)
LOVELove Our Valuable Earth (student-created environmental magazine; Canada)
LOVELet Our Voices Encourage
LOVELove Others Very Eagerly
LOVELake of Sorrows Ocean of Tears Valley of Death
LOVELiving One Vibrational Energy
LOVELinguistics of Visual English
LOVELoss of Valuable Energy
LOVELife of Victory Everlasting (ministry)
LOVELet Our Violence End (Little Rock, AR)
LOVELegs Open Very Easy
LOVELet Older Volunteers Educate
LOVELiving off Vital Emotions
LOVELoss of Valuable Emotions
LOVELeave out Violence Everywhere
LOVELive Openly Value Everyone
LOVELincoln Ocean Victor Edward (Police Academy movie)
LOVELoss of Virtually Everything
LOVELook Observe Verify Enjoy
LOVEListen, Observe, Value, Embrace
LOVELove Overcomes Virtually Everything (album)
LOVELet Our Voices Echo
LOVELoss of Valuable Education
LOVEListen, Overlook, Value, Encourage
LOVELeague of Villainous Entities
LOVELunar Observations Verifier Editor
LOVELots of Valuable Energy
LOVELots of Varied Emotions
LOVELet Our Values Endure
LOVELiving Out Victorious Experiences
LOVELand of Sorrow, Ocean of Tears, Valley of Death, End of Life
LOVELanguage of Various Emotions
LOVELiving Our Vision Everyday
LOVELife of Vital Emotions
LOVELife's Only Valuable Emotion
LOVELife Offers Valuable Experiences (One Love Services, Inc.)
LOVELaughter Options Visions Everything
LOVEListen, Observe, Visualize, Express
LOVELiving out Various Emotions
LOVELots of Violent Emotions
References in classic literature ?
Higher than love to your neighbour is love to the furthest and future ones; higher still than love to men, is love to things and phantoms.
Only colors and lights and glows pulsed there, warm as the day and warm as his love.
In his student days he had all but been in love with the eldest, Dolly, but she was soon married to Oblonsky.
She died happy when she saw that I loved her, and that this new love was due neither to pity nor to the ties that bound us together.
When loving with human love one may pass from love to hatred, but divine love cannot change.
Love should be the vestal fire of some mighty temple--some vast dim fane whose organ music is the rolling of the spheres.
I'll say that she who is mine enemy In that fair body hath as fair a mind, And that her coldness is but my desert, And that by virtue of the pain be sends Love rules his kingdom with a gentle sway.
So they passed to the bed beside the discontented bee, and here upon the softest down lay the dove, whose gentle eyes looked gratefully upon the Fairy, as she knelt beside the little couch, smoothed the soft white bosom, folded her arms about it and wept sorrowing tears, while the bird still whispered its gratitude and love.
Thirdly, I will grant, which I believe will be a most acceptable concession, that this love for which I am an advocate, though it satisfies itself in a much more delicate manner, doth nevertheless seek its own satisfaction as much as the grossest of all our appetites.
In the earliest stages of love the services are small that we are privileged to do for the loved one.
My Lord," cried the queen, "you forget that I have never said that I love you.
It was many and many a year ago, In a kingdom by the sea, That a maiden lived whom you may know By the name of ANNABEL LEE; - And this maiden she lived with no other thought Than to love and be loved by me.