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Let A = {[a.sub.1]..., [a.sub.m]}, the set of labels to add, then the LOWA operator, [PHI] is defined as [PHI] ([a.sub.1]..., [a.sub.m]) = W .[B.sup.T] = [C.sup.M]{[W.sub.k],[b.sub.k],k = 1,...,m} = [W.sub.1][THETA][b.sub.1][direct sum] or [symmetry](1-[W.sub.1])[THETA][c.sub.m] - 1{[[beta].sub.h],bh,h = 2,...,m}.
She clocked 52.20 seconds as she finished the race on the final day of action in Des Moines in Lowa, USA.
Like many other top P&Y countries in Missouri, Putnam shares a border with lowa.
After more than 72 years of courtship, Alice Nonie Dubes and Vivian Boyack, both in their 90's got married in Davenport, Lowa, in the company of their close friends and family members.
LowA's side secured a place in the last four with a hard-fought 1-0 win over France, having needed extra time to overcome Algeria in the last 16.
$5,500 Samantha Stamey, Cincinnati, Ohio $7,500 Jeralyn Westercamp, Cedar Rapids, lowa $5,000
Lowa walking boots have launched a two month Lowa Fit Challenge at Cotswold Outdoor Birmingham - and stores across the Midlands - to ensure walkers get the best fitting shoes.
"We are calmer now, moreclever andwek eep our composure for longer," said the Real Madridm idfielderalthough Lowa dvised cautiontothoseexpectingastrollinGdansk for the long odds-on favourites.
Farm Industry News, Farm World, Hay & Forage Grower, lowa Farmer Today, The Land, Missouri Farmer Today, National Hog Farmer
Lowa the boom on mountain goats right in their own backyard with these Lowas.
University of lowa (UI) landscape service crews are using sugar beet juice as their secret weapon against winter and the snow and ice that accompany it.