LOWMLandelijk Overlegorgaan Welzijn Molukkers (Dutch: National Welfare Moluccans Table)
LOWMLight of the World Ministries (Daleville, AL)
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The exact opposite is observed in students with a low motivational profile (LowM group), who display a maladaptive pattern because (a) they hardly ever believe that their successes are the result of internal or personal causes (capacity and/or effort), but instead think they are the result of external causes, and (b) they believe their failures are mainly the result of their lack of capacity and effort.
Final Cluster Centers Corresponding to the Groups of Students With Learning Difficulties With PSG, LowM, MG, and LG Motivational Profiles z Score Cluster PSG LowM MG LG Learning goals -0.9628 -1.3927 0.8022 0.1652 Performance goals -0.0811 -1.3560 0.8567 -0.5359 Social reinforcement goals 0.0476 -1.8528 0.6847 -0.1193 PSG = profile with prevalence of performance and social-reinforcement seeking goals; LowM = profile of low motivation; MG = profile of multiple goals; LG = profile with prevalence of learning goals.
78% lowM toi Motorists in France are required to have a range of accessories, including a warning triangle, headlight converters, country sticker and reflective jacket.