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LOYLeague of Youth
LOYLove Only Yourself
LOYLecturer of the Year (Finlandia Foundation; Pasadena, CA)
LOYLaboratory of the Year (award)
LOYLegacy of Yakesha (Everquest expansion, gaming)
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Stevy Loy overcame injury and illness to win MVP honors in the Foothill League, with an average of 33.
The usually calm and collected Loy conceded that the unexpected triumph had given him a slight thrill.
Keynote speaker Justine Barrett, who grew up in Yinnar, began her career as a scientific officer at Loy Yang A and is now studying a Masters in Marine and Antarctic Science in Tasmania, will share her story on how she was chosen to be one of 80 women with a science degree to take part in the Homeward Bound expedition to Antarctica.
Loy hasn't scored this term but Hartley said: "We have a good player - we just need to get the best out of him.
Sentencing, Judge Richard Bond said: "The truth is Alvin Loy was a sophisticated and very clever fraudster who deployed the main weapon of a fraudster's armoury - relying on the decency of his victims while he fed them lie after lie.
Loy fled to Malaysia rather than face trial at Birmingham Crown Court when the "balloon went up".
The panel's order of suspension shows that Loy encountered the girl at the bookstore.
The Loy Yang B power station is in the Latrobe Valley, about 160 km east of Melbourne.
It's essentially a force-on-force exercise with tanks and guys on the ground using weapons effect simulation systems," Loy said.
One of our largest competitors for our end product, being plywood, is China," said Loy.
But striker Loy - who hit an impressive double in their opening-day 3-1 win away to Ross County - has urged the Taysiders to stop pining for the prolific pair who banged in 36 goals between them last season.
For the video of the song, Loy himself scripted a short story to send the message across.