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LPBLouisiana Public Broadcasting (Public Television)
LPBLow Plasticity Burnishing (surface treatment)
LPBLow Ping Bastard (gaming)
LPBLa Paz, Bolivia - El Alto (Airport Code)
LPBLocal Peripheral Bus
LPBLoss Prevention Bulletin
LPBLighting Power Budget
LPBLead Professional Band (General Electric Co.)
LPBLa Porcelaine Blanche (French registered trademark for Limoges porcelain and tableware)
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Agradecemos a los curadores de los herbarios BOLV y LPB, por el prestamo del material o imagenes de sus colecciones.
Prior to this pilot study the standard of care for mUKA at our institution was spinal anesthesia and single-shot LPB.
He calls it Limited Purpose Banking (LPB), and he has laid out the case persuasively in a new book (full disclosure: I coauthored an editorial with Kotlikoff arguing for LPB in the New Republic, http://www.
The study is based on field observations and collections made in S United States, Mexico, Guatemala, and the Caribbean island of San Andres (Colombia), and the study of numerous herbarium specimens (mainly B, BM, COL, CORD, CTES, F, FLAS, G, GH, HBG, K, L, LE, LP, LPB, LIL, LPB, MEXU, MO, NY, P, S, SI, TEX-LL, U, UC, US, and W).
The breathtaking changes required of the existing financial system to move to LPB are illustrated by Kotlikoff's plan to break up Citigroup to conform to the new model.
LPB produces a layer of compressive stress of high magnitude and depth, with minimal plastic deformation or cold work.
Be prepared to synchronize LPB with the emerging doctrine of Design.
As energy cost and consumption rise and corporate sustainability initiatives become more mainstream, management teams and boards of directors have become more interested in energy management," says Corbin Baumel, executive vice president and chief financial officer of LPB Energy Management, and member of Financial Executives International.
LPB was developed by Lambda Technologies and can be used to extend the life of commercial aircraft components such as landing gear, propeller hubs and turbine engine blades.
Also found on the LPB website are lesson plans to further the education on forest conservation that the video is meant to supplement.
This patient presented with foot-drop after total hip arthroplasty, the anaesthetic technique having been general anaesthesia supplemented by LPB (reported as difficult).
At the end of 2002, I retired as the executive director of LPB to focus on the festival and to create the Institute.