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LPBLouisiana Public Broadcasting (Public Television)
LPBLow Back Pain
LPBLarge Print Biography (books)
LPBLow Plasticity Burnishing (surface treatment)
LPBLost Person Behavior (various organizations)
LPBLight Pole Base (product feature)
LPBLow Ping Bastard (gaming)
LPBLa Paz, Bolivia - El Alto (Airport Code)
LPBLimited Practice Board (law)
LPBLocal Peripheral Bus
LPBLoss Prevention Bulletin
LPBLighting Power Budget
LPBLead Professional Band (General Electric Co.)
LPBLa Porcelaine Blanche (French registered trademark for Limoges porcelain and tableware)
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LPB Bank closed 2018 with a preliminary profit of EUR 3.353 million.
(2011) for this same species in LPB. These authors reported that a sex ratio consisting of females being more abundant than males is commonly observed in congeners of this family.
There were no significant differences between the recovery rate of [Cr.sub.2][O.sub.3] and AIA in the experimental diets except that a greater recovery rate of [Cr.sub.2][O.sub.3] was observed in LPB diet or SBM diet formulated using F1 formulation (p< 0.05).
According to the study, through to 2022, demand for LPB will accelerate significantly at 4.5% per year, driving a total market value of $4.69 billion in 2017 to reach $5.83 billion in 2022.
These genes encoded cytokines (CSF3, CSF2, CCL3, TNF, CCR1, IL13, KIT, CCL5, CCL4, IL10, CXCL10, IL12RB2, IFNG, IL1B, IL1A, IL8, MET, CD40, HGF, LEP, CXCL16, CX3CR1, CCR2, PDGFRA, IL12B, IL2), lipid metabolism related genes (CD36, GPX4, LPIN1, LPL, LPB), transcription regulators (BCL3, FOS and NFKBIA), receptors (TNF, IL8, RELA, TLR1, TIRAP, TLR2, NFKBIA, NFKB1, TLR4, CD40, CCL5, CXCL10, FOS, JUN, MAP3K8, IL1B, LBP, IL12B, CD14, SPP1), and others such as SELP, SELL, and SOD1, all play a role in some aspect of the immune response including cytokine activity (IL10, TNF, IL8, and IL1B), cell adhesion (SELL and SELP), immune activation (CD14 and TLR2), acute phase reaction (TNF, IL1B, and SAA3), apoptosis (BCL2, BAX).
Finally, in the Logic-and-Proof-Before (LPB) condition, both Logic and Proof were presented before the original questions.
moniliforme LPB 03, 10% (w/v) AECP was supplemented with sucrose (30 g [L.sup.-1]).
The twenty-five genotypes namely ICP 7035-1, ICPHaRL 4985-11, T 21, ICPHaRL 4989-7, ICPHaRL 4985-10, ICPHaRL 4985-4, ICPL 20036-1, ICPHaRL 4979-2, ICPHaRL 4985-1, ICPL 88039-1, ICPL 98008, ICP 13212-1, ICPL 87119, ICPL 84060-1, ICPL 332 WR, ICP 13198-1, ICPL 909, ICPL 85063, ICPX 77303, ICPL 20062, PPE 45-2, ICP 10531-1, ICPL 97253, ENT 11, Bahar (check cultivar) were raised for studying the damage assessment in relation to per cent pod and grain damage by pod bug and lepidopterous pod borer (LPB).
The Londoner averaged 10.6 points and 5.9 rebounds per game last season for Worcester Wolves after joining them in November following a short spell with CAB Maderia in Portugal's LPB.
(14.) Spreuwenberg LPB, Kraemer WJ, Spiering BA, Volek JS, Hatfield DL, Silvestre R, et al.