LPBTLadies Professional Bowlers Tour (now Professional Women's Bowling Association)
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It has been televising sports and entertainment programming since 1960 including Collegiate Basketball, Major College Football Bowl Games, World Football League, NASL Soccer, IWA Wrestling, LPBT Bowling, ABA Basketball, NASCAR and Indy Car Racing, Pro Rodeo, PGA and LPGA Golf, APA Tennis, AIAW Championships, and Championship Boxing.
Collegiate Basketball, Major College Football, PBA and LPBT Bowling, Championship Boxing, USAC and NASCAR, PGA and LPGA Golf, Pro Tennis, AIAW Championships, and the World Football League.
For two decades, TVS was a leading independent TV network, producing college basketball, major college football bowl games, PGA and LPGA Golf, ATP Tennis, NASCAR and USAC Auto Racing, LPBT Bowling, IWA Wrestling, and the World Football League.
TVS produced and distributed major sports events such a college basketball, PGA and LPGA Golf, PBA and LPBT Bowling, Pro Rodeo, NASCAR, Indy Car Championships, the World Football League, IWA Wrestling, Championship Boxing, ABA Basketball, and AIAW CHampionships.
College Basketball, major college bowls games, IWA Wrestling, WFL Football, NASCAR, NASL Soccer, LPBT and PBA Bowling, LPGA and PGA Golf, Grand Prix Racing, AIAW Championships, Alan King Tennis from Caesars Palace, Championship Boxing, the National Collegiate Boxing Tournament, the National College Rodeo Championship, and the National Collegiate Bowling Tournament are among the TVS classic telecasts.
TVS also covered the World Football League, NASCAR, Indy Car, Grand Prix, ATP TEnnis, LPBT Bowling, NASL Soccer, AIAW Championships, Alan King Tennis, and many other national sports events.
For two decades TVS Television Network was the leading broadcast TV independent in the USA, television major college basketball, major college football bowl games, pro rodeo, NASCAR and Indy Car Races, LPBT and PBS Senior and Regional Bowling, the World Football League, IWA Wrestling, AIAW Championship events and many other shows of national interest.
Roller Derby joins IWA Wrestling, LPBT Bowling, WFL Football, and NASL Soccer as leagues that TVS has worked with to bring their games to national TV.
TVS produced thousands of national television games including college basketball, college football bowl games, NASL soccer, USAC, NASCAR, Grand Prix, and Indy Car racing; IWA Wrestling, WFL Football, LPBT and PBA Regional Bowling, PGA and LPGA golf, boxing, roller derby, aarm wretling, and pro rodeo.