LPCALouisiana Primary Care Association (Baton Rouge, LA, USA)
LPCALicensed Professional Counselors Association (Georgia)
LPCALibertarian Party of California (political group)
LPCALiberal Party of Canada in Alberta (Political Party)
LPCALyon Park Citizens Association (Arlington, Virginia)
LPCALimited Physical Configuration Audit
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Donn Cox, President and Managing Director of LPCA said, Combining forces with Altius will provide our clients with additional resources in North America, significant global reach into Europe, Australia and Asia, and enhanced service offerings and solutions without compromising our focus of providing objective and thoughtful advice with a fiduciary mindset.
These healthcare businesses are beginning to search elsewhere to secure financing, and that's where LPCA has its niche.
The transaction aligns with Pavilion's growth strategy and existing offerings for North American institutional investors, CEO Martin Weinberg said, adding that his company decided to join forces with LPCA because of its experience in advisory services in alternative asset classes, particularly private equity.
The primary goal of the LPCA is to build and operate a new livestock processing facility focused on local produced quality for consumers and service for producers, explains Sue Lani Madsen, OPDA project manager and LPCA co-op member.
LPCA of NC is recognized for advancing the organization's presence on social media (including members-only forums) and streamlining its online image.
Another option growing in popularity is a private recovery group, such as "Living in Balance," offered by Sandy Johnson, LPCA, LCAS-P at Lifescapes Counseling in Apex.
Since joining LPCA of Georgia in 2002, the association has moved from an austere to a solid financial status; membership has grown from 700 to over 2,800; and custom accounting and Web software has been installed.
The immediate past president of the LPCA of Georgia, Kirk served four years on the board of directors for the Georgia Association of Community Care Providers.
Gale Macke: Currently I am the executive director for the AMHCA Georgia chapter, LPCA of GA.
He is one of the founding members of state's LPCA and is now its representative to the Georgia Disaster Relief Planning Committee and the LPCA Political Action Committee.
The LPCA of Georgia gave a presentation on the national identity of mental health counselors at AMHCA's Annual Leadership Training Conference in July.
Since Macke joined LPCA of Georgia in 2002, the association has moved from an austere to a solid financial status; membership has quadrupled--from 700 to 2,800; and custom accounting and web software has been installed.