LPCBLoss Prevention Certification Board
LPCBLacto-Phenol Cotton Blue (stain; microbiology)
LPCBLegal Practitioners Conduct Board (Australia)
LPCBLakeside Pride Concert Band (Chicago, IL)
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The Multi Head Fireray 5000 has already gained worldwide approvals including LPCB, CPD, UL*.
In addition, Godwin Pumps also manufacturers a range of fire pumps, to both LPCB and FM specifications, which are sold to many countries around the world.
The present study found that PCB 77 at both LPCB and HPCB significantly elevated ChAT activity in the basal forebrain and hippocampus.
BRE Global Limited (incorporating LPCB & BREEAM) is an independent third party approvals body offering certification of fire, security and sustainability products and services to an international market.
Humidity 0-95%, terminal connection LPCB, the sensor dimensions 43 x 109 mm, the base of 11,5 x 125,6 mm dimensions.
The company got a number of accreditation certificates such as KEMA, IPH, SASO, LPCB, CSA, BASEC and others for its production of power cables.
The company's production characterised as meeting the highest international documented requirements, where it received a number of accreditation certificates such as (KEMA, IPH, SASO, LPCB, CSA, BASEC), and other certificates for its power cables.
We're a well-established company but have kept on the cutting edge of the security and anti-terrorism industry by gaining the prestigious LPCB accreditations on our enclosures and doors, giving us an edge in the marketplace.
The company has acquired several certifications including (KEMA, IPH, SASO, LPCB, CSA, BASEC), and others for its production of power cables," said Idriss.
In 2004 Lincs Doors Ltd moved to a modern new factory unit oil Grimsby's modern Europarc estate, allowing it to add to its range most notably its LPCB certified Hinged Fire Resistant Doors.
Kingspan Controlled Environments' full range is LPCB certified to LPS 1208 and LPS 1181, the category officially recognised by the Association of British Insurers for use within a non-combustible firesafety specification, with no premium loading for the building owner.
The identification was based on colony morphology and LPCB mount on features like microconidia, macroconidia and additional structures.