LPCELicence Professionnelle Commerce Electronique (French: Professional Licensing Electronic Commerce)
LPCELiquid Phase Catalytic Exchange
LPCELow Power Control Electronics
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Em Portugal, de acordo com LPCE (2004), aproximadamente metade dos novos candidatos a cirurgia da epilepsia tem diagnostico de esclerose mesial do lobo temporal.
t] is a vector {INFL, UNEMPL, LPCE, NEWS, SENT, [DELTA]STK, FF}, P is the lag order of the system, and [u.
Table A2 Variable Definitions and Sources Variable Definition Data Source INFL Percent change in the Bureau of Labor consumer price Statistics index, year-over-year UNEMPL Unemployment rate Bureau of Labor Statistics LPCE Log of total personal Bureau of Economic consumption Analysis expenditures, in billions of chained 2000 dollars NEWS News index: share of University of respondents Michigan, Survey mentioning of Consumers favorable news, minus share mentioning unfavorable news, plus 100 SENT Index of Consumer University of Sentiment (see Michigan, Survey Appendix, of Consumers Table AI) D(LSTK) Log change in the Dow Jones Dow Jones Corporation Industrial Average, month to month FF Federal Funds rate Federal Reserve Board of Governors, H.