LPCWLong Pulse Continuous Wave
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For that, free list, focus groups and key informants interviews, methodologies with community leaders, potential participants, and LPCWs were conducted to explore the problems of survivors and the possible solutions or activities that they do to take care of themselves, their families and community.
Most LPCWs lived traumatic experiences, they are also primary survivors, and they have to talk about these issues with people who experienced them too [.
LPCWs could create empathy and emotional identification with the people "GQ003
For some LPCWs, mental health needs were not satisfied with this intervention, due to the sociopolitical context in which users live.
Some LPCWs consider that traumas and their severity are different in each person, including their ways of coping which could indicate the need for differential treatment in mental health.
Some LPCWs mention that changes in family dynamics and generating a conciliatory atmosphere between parents and sons in some users were both possibly due to a decrease in feelings of anger and sadness.
Most respondents believed that intervention reduced stigma in mental health issues;this reduced stigma was not only observed in therapy users but also in the LPCWs.
Regarding the LPCWs, positive findings havebeen reported regarding training such personnel on mental health issues due to the relatively low cost, greater availability and adequate effectiveness in assisting and accompanying people with mental disorders (26,27,29).