LPDDLow-Pass Digital Differentiator (biomedical engineering)
LPDDLa Pomme De Discorde (French: The Apple of Discord)
LPDDLexington Park Development District (Maryland)
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The goal of the LPDD program, he added, is to demonstrate that the technology exists to produce a lightweight, low power device to replace the older, heavier systems now used to train soldiers at the Combat Training Centers.
But the Army wants to be able to track individual soldiers, which is the primary reason for pursuing the LPDD.
During the recent "joint contingency force advanced war-fighting exercise" at Fort Polk, the opposing force was given 30 LPDD prototypes, Youmans said.
STRICOM awarded a contract to the Boeing Company in September 1999, to build 30 prototype devices to demonstrate the LPDD technology.
UWB is in the forefront and has a lot of potential, but it is not yet mature enough to be used in LPDD.
The LPDD program, said Youmans, is working with the ATES project in evaluating UWB, "to see if the technology can replace the GPS and radios we now use.