LPDMLe Pays du Manga (French: The Land of Manga)
LPDMLinear Packing Density Model (concrete research)
LPDMLifecycle Product Data Management
LPDMLagrange Particle Dispersion Model
LPDMLas Pisadas Del Maestro (Spanish: The Footsteps of the Master; church; Florida)
LPDMLos Profesionales Del Montaje (Spanish: The Professionals of Assembly; German architecture firm)
LPDMLeadership Programme in Discrete Mathematics
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Datafor LPDM Application in the Neapolitan Area (2005).
Application of LPDM for Three Well-Documented Case Histories
In order to illustrate the application of LPDM, the reference is made to the following three well-documented case histories:
It is worth highlighting that the application of LPDM has been checked against other well-documented case histories in the eastern area of Naples, here not reported; its reliability for a preliminary design has been systematically confirmed.
Table 4 reports the main results obtained by the LPDM application, the main experimental results, and the main final design choices, for each case history analyzed.
For CBD case histories, the differences among the pile lengths adopted from the detailed design stages and those simply derived from LPDM are within the range -20% and +2%; the measured average settlements are within the range obtained by LPDM.
For SBD case history, that is, for a case where the settlements were imposed equal to those measured (average and maximum), the pile length from LPDM was slightly shorter (-2 than that adopted in the detailed design stage).
LPDM has been successfully applied, as a preliminary design method, to three well-documented case histories regarding capacity- and settlement-based design of piled foundations.
The agreement between the choices made by the designer for the final design of piles geometry, the experimental observations in terms of average foundation settlement, and the results of the application of LPDM is very satisfactory.
In addition, LPDM reliability has been confirmed by its application to other well-documented case histories in the eastern area of Naples, here not reported.
Pile type [(CR).sub.av] CV(CR) [(SR).sub.av] CV (SR) Bored 11.7 0.27 1.56 0.09 CFA 37.5 0.25 1.46 0.08 Driven 78.2 0.13 1.38 0.16 FDP 51.5 0.33 1.44 0.07 Table 4: Comparison between the LPDM results and experimental values for the three case histories analyzed.