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LPECLaboratoire de Physique de l'Etat Condensé (French: Solid State Physics Laboratory)
LPECLongs Peak Energy Conservation (Colorado)
LPECLaunch Prep Entrepreneurship Course (Arizona State University)
LPECLaverstoke Park Education Centre (UK)
LPECLow Power Error Control
LPECLatinos Promoting Education and Culture (Riverside Community College, Norco, California)
LPECLaunch Preparation Equipment Compartment
LPECLow Potassium Euro-Collins Solution (pulmonary preservation)
LPECLow-Pressure Exterior Cleaning
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In the process of LPEC operation, a change in the magnetic coupling between the armature and the inductor occurs.
The goal of the paper is the study of the influence of geometrical parameters, namely, the number of layers and the cross section of the copper tire of the inductor and the armature coils on the power and speed indicators of LPEC of electrodynamic type.
In this proposed procedure, the needle is held underneath the peritoneum during the entire process through a similar method with a homemade hernia needle for LPEC; this procedure ensures that there will be only a single tunnel for two rounds of needle-insertion to prevent the risk of ligating subcutaneous tissues.
The specimen has the following measurements (mm): Tl 282; Stdl 242; Hl 73.6; Ed 10.4; Id 19.7; L1std 26.7; L1stds 34.7; L3rdas 26.5; Lar 31.0; Alt 86.6; Bthick 41.3; Pal 145.3; Ppl 72.2; Pdl 82.8; Pel 42.0; Lpec 46.2; Lc 42.7.
The specimen showed the following proportions: maximum Bw 2.79 in Stdl; Bthick 2.1 in Bw; Hl 3.3 in Stdl; Sl 2.6 in Hl; Ed 7.07 in Hl; Id 3.74 in Hl; L1stds 2.76 in Hl; Ldr 2.12 in Hl; L3rdas 2.78 in Hl; Lar 2.37 in Hl; Lc 1.72 in Hl; Lpec and Lpel respectively 1.48 and 1.75 in Hl; Pdl, Pal and Ppl respectively 3.05, 1.74 and 3.5 in Lstd.
SINOPEC LPEC provides refinery design and oil and gas engineering in China, operating as an EPC contractor and a technology licensor for the Chinese energy and petrochemical industries.
However, with a rapid change in electromagnetic, mechanical and thermal parameters, the power indices of the induction-type LPEC of traditional design are not high enough [4].
Se registro su longitud total (Lt), longitud estandar (Le), longitud de la cabeza (Lc), longitud de la maxila (Lm), altura pedunculo caudal (Apc), longitud de aleta pectoral (Lpec), espacio interorbital (Eio) y peso total (Pt).
One of the promising devices of modern electromechanics are linear pulse electromechanical converters (LPEC) which provide a high speed of the actuator element (AE) on a short active site, and/or create powerful power pulses with little movement.