LPEMLaboratoire de Physique et d'Étude des Matériaux (French: Laboratory for Physics and the Study of Materials)
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BPS = Statistic Indonesia, LPEM = Economics and Management Research Institute, University of Indonesia.
Further, the findings in this study conform with the study by LPEM FEB UI (2015) regarding the sustainability of the premium payment of JKN's self-enrolled members in Indonesia.
All views of this article do not necessarily reflect the official view of JICA and LPEM FEB UI.
03 I I 1,2,3,4,5,6 *) 1: Sumatra 2: Java 3: Kalimantan 4: Sulawesi 5: Maluku 6: Nusa Tenggara 7: Irian Jaya Source: LPEM UI/Data Consult Table--5 Production of natural forest trees by types ('000 M3) Year Logs Sawn timber Plywood 1999 20,619.