LPFMLow Power Frequency Modulation (radio)
LPFMLembaga Penapisan Filem Malaysia (Malay: Film Censorship Board)
LPFMLondon Potato Futures Market (London, England, UK)
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This possibility became real after a new campaign in 2012 to open up licenses for LPFM broadcasting.
In 2000, the Federal Communications Commission introduced the Low Power FM Radio (LPFM) service designed "to create opportunities for new voices on the air waves and to allow local groups, including schools, churches and other community-based organizations, to provide programming responsive to local community needs and interests." (127) Licenses for LPFM stations are limited to "noncommercial, educational entities and public safety entities." (128)
New FCC rules now also allow LPFM stations to own translators that can push their signals out even farther, something WSLR is considering.
El LPFM es una continuacion de la superficie retinacular profunda de las fibras musculares del vasto medial oblicuo VMO.
Its efforts include spreading the word about the available slots and helping nonprofits prepare license applications for LPFM stations through its Make Radio Challenge.
According to the Federal Communications Commission website, there are eight LPFM stations in New Hampshire.
However, big corporate broadcasters lobbied against LPFM by claiming that low-power transmitters interfered with their signals.
FCC chairman William Kennard recognized the difficulty in policing LPFM and decided to implement a widespread but cautious program to legalize LPFM stations across the nation.
In an age of increasingly consolidated media, in which commercial broadcasters blast thousands of watts over dozens of miles, LPFM stations are 100-watt operations, each with an effective radius of 3.5 miles.
"This action will enable us to move ahead and grant construction permits to eligible LPFM applicants who meet the standard for protecting third adjacencies, the same level of interference protection currently required for full power stations," said Chairman Michael Powell in a statement.
Then he and other grass-roots lobbyists can push Congress to let the FCC authorize a full LPFM service.