LPFMLow Power Frequency Modulation (radio)
LPFMLembaga Penapisan Filem Malaysia (Malay: Film Censorship Board)
LPFMLondon Potato Futures Market (London, England, UK)
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An LPFM station broadcasts at 100 watts or less, making its effective range three to five miles.
According to the Federal Communications Commission website, there are eight LPFM stations in New Hampshire.
A recent FCC-commissioned study found that LPFM stations do not interfere with high-powered signals.
FCC chairman William Kennard recognized the difficulty in policing LPFM and decided to implement a widespread but cautious program to legalize LPFM stations across the nation.
The LPFM initiative was greeted enthusiastically by church, labor, and community groups seeking new ways to reach their constituents and conduct advocacy and direct service work.
But it was the pirates as much as anyone else who helped make LPFM a reality and who have inspired thousands of others to get into the competition for low-power licenses.
While LPFM will certainly not bring about the "radio democracy" for which its supporters hope and may even serve to distract attention from the effects of recent radio deregulation, it does instigate a positive reconception of broadcasting's weathered but resilient "public service" maxim.
The new rules mandate that all LPFM stations must be noncommercial, and current broadcasters or owners of other media interests will not be eligible for LPFM licenses.
Alarmed by these statistics, the FCC hopes that LPFM will provide a forum for the minority interests, church and community groups, and schools and local musicians who under the old rules found commercial radio access either prohibitively expensive or insufficiently available as free public-service airtime.
We have many factions within the LPFM movement, but certain technical parameters must apply to all, unless we are to scrap AM and FM entirely.
LPFM could be an antidote to the corporatization of radio, putting licenses into the hands of people like Amanda Huron.