LPFPLiga Portuguesa Futebol Profissional
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1 a) LPFP los planes de pensiones del sistema empleo son aquellos <<cuyo promotor sea cualquier entidad, corporacion, sociedad o empresa y cuyos participes sean los empleados de los mismos>> (Ministerio de Economia, 2002).
47] In terms of institutional arrangement, local bonds are quasi-JGBs because: 1) issuance of local bonds is planned based on the LPFP (decided by the Cabinet) and needs permission [48] by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA); 2) costs of debt servicing are supported by lump-sum transfers from the central government; 3) if local governments' financial situation were to deteriorate, their financial management would come under the control of the MHA .
Local public finance programmes (LPFP) and local budgets [1] Fiscal year, yen trillion 1997 1998 After supplementary budgets (unconsolidated) Settlement LPFP (september) (consolidated) LPFP Total expenditures 87.