LPFSLipoprotein Free Serum
LPFSLocal Progression-Free Survival (oncology)
LPFSLocoregional Progression-Free Survival
LPFSLevel Playing Field Support (grant; UK)
LPFSLondon Playing Fields Society (UK)
LPFSLake Pontchartrain Forecasting System (Louisiana)
LPFSLower Potomac Field Station (Virginia; US DOI)
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LPFs with [f.sub.c] [less than or equal to] 5000 Hz do not affect on further fault location results (after the first one).
These LPFs will be used together with a duplexer or band pass filter for high-frequency suppression to meet either co-location requirements for a second band locating at high frequencies, or to meet government/industry regulations for high frequency emissions.
The thigh and chest LPFS signals were used to estimate the orientation of the thigh and trunk segments, respectively, using [18]
In the follow up of this trial, Nanobiotix is monitoring LPFS, PFS and OS for all patients.
Table 1 lists the numbers and types of available functions in both the CABs and CLBs: BPF = bandpass filter, LPF = low-pass filter, S/H = sample and hold, LUT = lookup table.
Yin, et al., "Compact LPF with pair of coupling slots for wide stopband suppression," Electronics Letters, Vol.
The impulse response of Tx or Rx low-pass Filters (LPF) in the I and Q branches are indicated by [h.sup.(i);<r>.sub.TI;RI] (t) and [h.sup.(i);<r>.sub.TQ;RQ](t), respectively.
There was an absolute difference in local progression-free survival (LPFS) at 2 years of 15%.
We conclude that facilities with a record of successful CPG implementation are more likely to have (a) invested enthusiastically in adopting CPRS and customizing it to provide performance feedback, (b) chosen strategies more tactically than LPFs, and (c) devoted dedicated resources to CPG implementation rather than incorporating it into usual managerial structures.
The focus has been on the performance of PBG assisted low noise oscillators, PBG-based microcavities, suppressing the LO leakage in mixers for broadband harmonic tuning, high efficiency power amplifiers, and LPFs and BPFs.
Amnesty International reported in 2002 that a daily average of seven persons are detained at the Landing Prevention Facilities (LPFs) (or "Airport Rest House") in Narita Airport alone.