LPGCLas Palmas de Gran Canaria (city in the Canary Islands)
LPGCLeslie Park Golf Course (Ann Arbor, MI)
LPGCLaguna Phuket Golf Club (Thailand)
LPGCLiquefied Petroleum Gas Carrier
LPGCLawrence Park Golf Club (Erie, PA)
LPGCLaunch Pad for Game Creators (France)
LPGCLangley Park Golf Club (UK)
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Part II frames the license that governs lawful private gun carriers (LPGCs) and police.
All LPGCs are constrained by the boundaries of lawful self-defense.
Police license to carry, draw, point, and shoot firearms is broader and more complicated than the license granted to LPGCs. James Q.
The "more guns, less crime" debate distracts from the more basic and uncontested point central to the argument here--the surge in LPGCs has not caused the feared wave of minor altercations escalating into shootouts.
(41) Posner's assessment reflects the fact that LPGCs have behaved very differently than skeptics feared.
LPGCs also compare favorably to the other class of lawful gun carriers: police.
Indeed the best predictor of the behavior of LPGCs is not the fact that they are carrying guns, but rather their limited license to use guns in self-defense.
Given the general characteristics of LPGCs, this is no surprise.
The basic point is that carrying a gun does not appear to be a radically transformative driver of violent behavior; it has not caused LPGCs to act out of character by escalating mundane conflicts into shootouts.
Experience refutes the dire predictions that guns on the hips of LPGCs would transform fender benders and shopping cart bumps into shootouts.
Decide what plant species are best for the LPGC by researching the requirements of each species in order to keep them healthy (air, water, light, nutrients).
Design an LPGC that will occupy less space on a cargo spacecraft than it would on the moon to facilitate transportation from Earth to the moon.