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LPHLED (Light Emitting Diode) Print Head
LPHLiters Per Hour
LPHAmphibious Assault Ship (Helicopter)
LPHLanding Platform/Helicopter
LPHLey de Propiedad Horizontal
LPHLeft Posterior Hemiblock
LPHLipotropic Hormone
LPHLove, Peace, and Happiness
LPHLiquid Phase Hydrocarbon
LPHLancaster Plumbing & Heating (Lancaster, PA)
LPHLow Pressure Heater (preheat feedwater to a boiler)
LPHLimited Path Heuristic
LPHLimulus Polyphemus Hemocyanin
LPHLymphocytic Portal Hepatitis
LPHLoyalty Pride Honor (gaming clan)
LPHLiquid Pound per Hour
LPHLost Pet Hotline (Corpus Christi, TX)
LPHLoans Per Hour
LPHLocal Protocol Handler
LPHLiaison Officer for Public Health Issues
LPHLepidoptera of the Philippines
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Design of civil engineering structures according to 43 HOAI, LPH 1 - 3, optional LPH 4 - 9 and, if necessary, special services.
Specialized planning services Technical building equipment according to 55 HOAI 2013, LPH 1 - 3, optional LPH 4 - 9, groups of units 1 - 5 + 7 and, if necessary, special services.
Inchon was prematurely retired because of heavy damage from an accidental fire, and plans for a second LPH in the same role did not come to fruition.
The vehicle landed aboard, and then took off, from the LPH without incident.
Additionally, Samsung Foundry has added a new variant to its advanced process technology roadmap, 28nm LPH HKMG process technology.
Samsung Foundry's newest process node - 28nm LPH process, has been specifically developed for mobile device applications that can deliver over 2GHz processing performance, offering engineers another option for bringing leading-edge system-on-chip designs.