LPHDLocal Parton Hadron Duality
LPHDLymphocyte Predominant Hodgkin's Disease
LPHDLocal Public Health Department (various locations)
LPHDLipoprotein of High Density
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unbiased LPHD will let investigators draw scientifically valid
unbiased LPHD. Unbiased LPHD also can be created using smaller samples
is LPHD. (156) For the vast majority of research and public health
studies, there is a further requirement to use unbiased LPHD that can
LPHD. For example, biased LPHD may be useful in preliminary studies to
research and public health studies that use LPHD need unbiased LPHD.
There also is a clash between privacy and financing: LPHD have
Once LPHD are created for use in the Sentinel System, the
where a PIO is supplying LPHD to FDA for use in its Sentinel System; FDA
has come to depend on these LPHD to perform important drug safety
and will soon go out of business unless FDA authorizes it to sell LPHD
unlikely that the purchaser ever could re-identify them--before the LPHD