LPHULebanese Physical Handicapped Union (Beirut, Lebanon)
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To test the government's access to information protocols, LPHU sent six different people to six different ministries to ask about the presence of a disability officer responsible for mainstreaming Law 220 into the ministry's work.
Lakkis said LPHU was also working with the Education Ministry on developing a 12-year plan to make all schools accessible for disabled persons.
The current regulations, Lakkis says, were based on a decree influenced by a study on the accessibility of polling stations carried out by the LPHU ahead of the 2009 elections.
In the LPHU director's office, a poster reads "Build for all.
In 2012, the LPHU took part in a study that influenced a guide on handicapped people's access to buildings, crafted by Majal, the University of Balamand's academic urban observatory.
Aziz said that he called the LPHU to get advice on how to meet these standards.
This happens at Beirut airport a lot, very often," LPHU head Sylvana Lakkis told The Daily Star.