LPIMLow-Pressure Injection Molding
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It has also been reported that the moldability index model developed for plastic injection molding [16], and more recently exploited in conventional metal injection molding [17-19] or in LPIM of metal matrix composites part [20, 21], could be used to predict the flow behavior of the feedstocks during injection.
Due to their extensive use in LPIM, paraffin wax (PW) and beeswax (BW) with melting points ranging from 55 to 65[degrees]C were compared.
The rheological behavior of LPIM feedstocks depends significantly on the binder constituents.
Poor moldability index results (below 1000) obtained for the feedstock 35PW-5EVA suggest that this simple mixture is not suitable for the LPIM process and should be potentially used with other combinations of wax-based binders in order to tailor the rheological properties of feedstocks.
[21] have demonstrated that the moldability index of LPIM metal matrix composite feedstock can be doubled with a change in four percentage point of solid loading.