LPJLund-Potsdam-Jena (vegetation model)
LPJLufthansa Private Jet (international airline)
LPJLaporan Pertanggung Jawaban (Indonesian: Accountability Report)
LPJLow Probability of Jamming
LPJLow Power Jammer
LPJLaser Passive Jamming
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The results of the forward stepwise multiple regression showed that the relative warps (RW) 2 and 3 for the lower pharyngeal jaws (LPJ) showed a relationship with arthropods, invertebrates, fishes, vascular plants, algae and detritus, meanwhile, the three relative warps of the head shape (HD) showed a relationship with any of the food items (Digital Appendix 4).
LPJ oversaw the statistical analyses and participated in data interpretation and manuscript writing.
According to the parallelism of the job, there are two kinds of jobs: small parallel jobs (SPJ) and large parallel jobs (LPJ) [12].
RRIDk Identity of RSU Rk RLock Location of RSU Rk LPj License plate number of taxi SPU Public key of trusted server SPK Private key of trusted server RPUk Public key of road side unit RPKk Private key of road side unit DPUi Public key of the taxi driver Di Curr Loci Current location of taxi driver Di ENCx(MSG) Encryption of plaintext/message using key x DECx(C) Decryption of cipher text C using key x SIGx(MSG) Signature on message M using key x On-board unit starts up:
In 70 cases managed surgically, 4 patients readmitted post LPJ, 2 readmissions post Frey's procedure and 3 readmissions post procedures for Pseudocyst.
Prentice et al., "Evaluation of ecosystem dynamics, plant geography and terrestrial carbon cycling in the LPJ dynamic global vegetation model," Global Change Biology, vol.
Our [premium] customers have asked us to bring the LPJ product to these new markets - which we serve through long-haul airline operation - and that we are looking at now." May 5, 2010
The antilisterial efficacy of heat-treated and unheated lyophilized pomegranate juice (LPJ) was determined.
Customer satisfaction ratings with the Lufthansa Private Jet (LPJ) service remain consistently high at over 90 per cent.
Evaluation of biome dynamics, plant geography and terrestrial carbon cycling in the LPJ dynamic global vegetation model.