LPLDLawrenceburg Public Library District (Lawrenceburg, Indiana)
LPLDLadd Public Library District (Ladd, IL)
LPLDLawyers for People with Learning Disabilities
LPLDLaparoscopic Pelvic Lymph-Node Dissection (medical diagnostics)
LPLDLincolnwood Public Library District (Illinois)
LPLDLexington Public Library District (Lexington, IL)
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Patients with LPLD, which affects no more than one or two people per million, are unable to handle fat particles in their blood and are at risk of acute and potentially fatal inflammation of the pancreas.
It was also shown that Glybera significantly reduces the risk of pancreatitis in LPLD patients.
Under the study, in an open label clinical trial (CT-AMT-011-02), 5 LPLD subjects, in Quebec, Canada, were administered alipogene tiparvovec at a dose of 1 x 1012 genome copies per kg.
A total of 5 LPLD patients were administered Glybera (1x1012 genome copies/kg, IM).
According to Don Knowlton, Clear Logic's vice president of marketing, "Clear Logic's patented LPLD technology allows us to offer factory configurable devices with the same functionality and pin-out of Altera parts, but without any of the transistors that are associated with user-programmability.
In particular, the company will provide an update on previously reported initial results from a long-term clinical study of Glybera that showed improved chylomicron metabolism could show utility as a biomarker in LPLD patients.
Link Technology - Clear Logic's LPLD products don't need any of the transistors that exist in the MAX interconnect array, and only a single transistor for each input term in the AND array.
The company said that this data demonstrates the dramatic impact Glybera can have in the lives of LPLD patients.
According to Don Knowlton, Clear Logic's vice president of marketing, &uot;Our introduction of these new LPLD products rounds out our offering of 5 volt Vcc CL7000 replacements for Altera's MAX 7000E and MAX 7000S families of CPLDs.
The test has been developed under an agreement with Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics Holding NV (AMS: AMT), which has a gene therapy for patients with LPLD.
Clear Logic LPLD devices are guaranteed to function identically to their programmable counterparts.
According to Don Knowlton, Clear Logic's vice president of marketing, "When we originally developed the LPLD technology last year, we knew that we would have a substantial die size improvement over Altera's MAX 7000 CPLDs.