LPMALibertarian Party of Massachusetts (Worcester, MA)
LPMALouisiana Psychiatric Medical Association
LPMALocal Preachers' Mutual Aid Association (Methodist Church of Great Britain)
LPMALoose Parts Monitor Assembly
LPMALog-Periodic Microstrip Antenna
LPMALembaga Pemberdayaan Maskyarakat Adat (Empowerment Institute for Indigenous People of South Borneo)
LPMALaboratoire de Physique et de Métrologie des Aérosols (French: Physics and Aerosol Metrology Laboratory)
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We propose a novel monolayer multi-octave bandwidth LPMA which is fed by a 50 Q microstrip feed-line.
The configuration of the proposed monolayer LPMA is shown in Fig.
2(b) shows the equivalent circuit of the monolayer LPMA with gap feed.
Section 10; LPMA (2010) 'Development and Crown Land', June 2010
The LPMA cylinder liner is accredited under EPA Non-Original Equipment Manufacturer Locomotive Component Certificate Of Conformity.