LPMCLow Priority Machine Check
LPMCLaboratoire de Physique de la Matière Condensée (French: Condensed Matter Physics Laboratory)
LPMCLet's Play Minecraft (YouTube series)
LPMCLiberian Produce Marketing Corporation (Liberia)
LPMCLow Pressure Molding Compound
LPMCLaboratoire de Physique Moléculaire et des Collisions (French: Laboratory of Molecular Physics and Collisions)
LPMCLamina Proprial Mononuclear Cell (biology)
LPMCLaunchpad McClack (gaming)
LPMCLonesome Pine Motorcycle Club (Virginia)
LPMCLocal Project Monitoring Committee (Philippines)
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When all documents are validated and payment of handling and Customs charges are completed, each consignee will receive loading slip/gate pass from NPA Staff at LPMC Warehouse, to pick up their cargo.
This new design will take advantage of new LPMC materials technology that will allow molding with as little as 35-50 psi, according to BGF technical director John Neate.
According to Tom Hamstreet, president of Modern Tool, which has built several molds for NCI's LPMC, "One of the benefits LPMC offers is that it allows you to build relatively inexpensive prototype tooling relatively quickly.
The initial offerings of Takeda LPMC will include general-purpose and low-profile grades.
In 2003, the Company realized the full impact of the expenses for the Scottsdale banking operation, LPMC, operating as a public company, and the implementation of corporate governance regulations and related audits.
Takeda's new LPMC resin can be compression molded at 290 psi in a temperature range of 176 to 212 F.
National Composites has been developing LPMC for several years and has made a number of improvements in its low-pressure moldability and ability to obtain good glass wet-out.
NCI is licensed to make and sell LPMC using technology from Scott Bader Co.
Winston, chairman, LPMC, a real estate investment firm based in Jacksonville.
GenCorp will offer formulation recommendations and perform testing and evaluation of LPMC that NCI will make at its plant in South Bend, Ind.
Winston, chairman of LPMC, a real estate firm based in Jacksonville.