LPMELiquid Phase Micro Extraction
LPMELibertarian Party of Maine
LPMELaboratoire de Physique des Matériaux Électroniques
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LPME. Lu et al [16] discussed link prediction model for complex network.
Compare to real degree distribution, [t.sub.T] of MFSC, SPMF [21], DDME [17] and LPME [16] is 0.948221, 0.822435, 0.754187 and 0.687728 respectively.
On average, our method is higher than SPMF with 29.04%, DDME with 44.34% and LPME with 86.71% on the precision.
We have measured that MFSC is lower than SPMF with 40.94%, DDME with 57.02% and LPME with 65.41% on the implementation time.
Time complexity of MFSC, SPMF, DDME and LPME is O(n), O(nlo[g.sub.2]n), 2 * 0(nlo[g.sub.2]n) and 4 * 0(nlo[g.sub.2]n) respectively.
The LPME device is made up of two 0.8-mm guiding needles inserted through a screw-top silicon septum (Supelco, Bellefonte, Pa.).
Allows for more New technology that LPME extensive is heavily tech- preconcentration nique oriented.
According to extraction patterns, application of ILs in the LPME technology can be classified into the following: dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction (DLLME) [25], hollow-fiber LPME [26], and suspended single-drop microextraction (SDME).
In this study, an IL-based headspace LPME device was designed using the homemade IL l-silicyl-3-benzylimidazolehexafluorophosphate ([SBnIM]P[F.sub.6]) as an extraction solvent.
The solution was inside the lower bottle body and remained below the annular extraction platform, which was headspace LPME. The sealing bottle cap was opened; the front end of the microsyringe (100 [micro]L) was placed in the middle position of the annular extraction platform (as shown in Figure 1(b)).
The extraction process involved headspace LPME. Extraction temperature directly influenced velocity and concentration of analytes released from the water sample and then influenced extraction efficiency indirectly.
Method IL type IL volume Process time SBME [OMIM][PF6] Not >60 min mentioned LPME [HMIM][PF6] 50 [micro]L >50 min DLLME [ODMIM]/[HMIM] 54 [micro]L ~13 min [Nf2T] mix IL DLLME [OMIM][PF6] 50 [micro]L ~6min DLLME [OMIM][Tf2N] 22 [micro]L ~13 min Method Linear range ([micro]g/L) LOD ([micro]g/L) RSD ([micro]g/Kg) ([micro]g/Kg) (%) SBME 1-200 <0.026 <3 LPME 1-100 <0.29 <3 DLLME 2.5-500 <0.69 <0.69 DLLME 2-100 pg/Kg <0.73 <5.7 DLLME 0.01-100 0.1 <5.9 Method Matrix Reference SBME Water [29] LPME Water [30] DLLME Fruit juices [18] DLLME Apple and [28] pear DLLME Wheat This work