LPMRLayered Phenomena in the Mesopause Region (Journal of Geophysical Research)
LPMRLong-Patch Mismatch Repair (genetics)
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05) also had significantly higher acid value compared to LPMR, HPMR, and OB fats (0.
05) TBA value, followed by OB, LPMR, and HPMR fats.
OB,: oven baking at 180[degrees]C for 40 min; WC, boiling for 40 min; LPMR, low power (2.
In order to achieve a Planning Assumption for Service Entry (PASE) date during 2019, the LPMR capability is expected to be based on Military off the Shelf (MOTS) mature platforms of modern design.
Whilst a detailed system requirements document will be released as part of the Invitation to Negotiate (ITN), the following should be considered as general characteristics of a vehicle suitable to meet the LPMR requirement.
LPMR must be fitted with a winch (minimum capacity 10 000 kg);
LPMR must be able to undertake suspend/support towing activities (minimum lift capacity 4 000 kg);
LPMR must have an ability to stow and transport its Complete Equipment Schedule (CES) items.
Reduced LPMR revenues during the downturn were primarily due to lower Disney TOT and sales tax revenues, which fell 14% and 25% in fiscals 2009 and 2010, respectively.
9 million by the end of fiscal 2006 and was built from LPMR amounts in excess of debt service.
LPMR provides sound coverage of debt service on the series A and B bonds, and adequate coverage of $218.
The reserve was built from LPMR amounts, while bond interest was capitalized.