LPNPLicensed Practical Nursing Program (coursework; various colleges)
LPNPLonjsko Polje Nature Park (Croatia)
LPNPLateral Positive-Negative-Positive (transistor)
LPNPLarge Porous Nanoparticle (drug delivery system)
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Similar to the US group (control), the HPNP and P stunning methods resulted in significantly lower WHC than the LPNP group.
At d 1, the highest peak force value was shown by the LPNP group with no difference (p>0.
05) in TBARS values were seen between HPNP and P and between LPNP and P groups.
In the ST, the highest TBARS values were consistently found in the HPNP group at all ageing times, while LPNP resulted in lower TBARS values at all ageing times.
The results suggest that the HPNP stunning employed in this study could have resulted in greater physiological change in HPNP animals compared to those subjected to the US, LPNP and P treatments.
of the ST were seen between HPNP and US, and between LPNP and US.
Interestingly, LPNP stunning resulted in significantly higher [b.