LPNYLibertarian Party of New York
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LPNY partnered with various industry associations this year, including ICMAD, CIBS, and The New Jersey Packaging Executives Club (NJPEC).
LPNY's conference program featured 11 sessions, with participants from Estee Lauder, Shiseido, L'Oreal, STYLUS, Winky Lux, and Material Connexion addressing current issues facing both brands and suppliers in the luxury industry.
Metal packaging is often chosen to convey luxury, and suppliers at LPNY featured many options, including metal caps and metallic finishes.
Q: What was your thinking behind the musical soundtrack for LPNY? A: I wanted to create sounds that are fresh and since the film touches on different emotions I could experiment with genres.
Ali went on to explain that he was not first choice to put together LPNY's soundtrack.
LPNY will hinge on the two breakthrough actors' performances and little else.
LPNY is a film that captures the angst of one's twenties, the most dramatic period of one's life - when you have to find a career; you have your first significant relationship and most importantly form your identity in this world.
Kaufman also introduced its Airopack line at LPNY Good for products of all viscosities, Nicole Mayne, inside sales team leader, says it's completely recyclable (except for the actuator) and allows for all different actuator heads.
The cap was one of the products featured on LPNY's Innovation Wall.
WestRock was not the only exhibitor at LPNY to feature spray as a luxurious consumer experience.
At LPNY, Yonwoo/ PKG introduced Tube Spray, which it calls "a new innovation in airless spray dispensing." The dry, fine misty spray is available in convenient and cost-effective packaging, available in 25-, 30-, 35-, 40mm; and 3--and 5-ply sleeves.
(For a close-up look at some standout packages at LPNY, please see the video of Beauty Packaging editor Jamie Matusow and packaging designer Marc Rosen as they engage in their annual trend-spotting walk on the Luxe Pack show floor.) Here's an overall look at what Beauty Packaging took note of while visiting exhibitors on the show floor.