LPOCLocal Point of Contact (National Incident Management System; US DHS)
LPOCLibertarian Party of Canada
LPOCLast Port of Call
LPOCLibertarian Party of Oakland County (Michigan)
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The Appellate Division of the New York State Supreme Court found Chapter 417 of the Laws of 1929, the bill giving the LPOC the right to build on public land, unconstitutional.
If the pending decision fell against the LPOC, Dewey predicted, he and others planned to rally support for a constitutional amendment allowing the construction of sport and recreational facilities on state lands.
Perhaps Dewey, the LPOC, and the AOC underestimated the political power of this cultural ideology--an ideology so powerful that the AfPA tenaciously fought to save barely five acres of wilderness so that the other two million acres of Forest Preserve land would not be compromised.
By supporting "Forever Wild" and by forcing the LPOC to choose a bob-run site off protected land, the AfPA's actions doubled the cost of the bob-run to an amount representing about one-quarter of the over $1 million dollar final budget for the entire Games.