LPODLegal Point of Discharge (stormwater drainage)
LPODLandelijk Prevalentie Onderzoek Decubitus (Dutch: Decubitus National Prevalence Study)
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LPOD will host its soft opening on March 8 with a special Ladies Night promotion to coincide with International Women's Day.
Since each rule provides its own ranking and we usually have more than one rule with ordered disjunction, we need a combination method that aggregates the individual rankings into a global preference order on the answer sets of the LPOD.
Due to the charitable nature of Friday's event, guests are being offered a discounted rate of entry into the waterpark for the LPOD Travelex -- Western Union Pinoy Masskara Festival through the event organisers on 33934790, 36466796 or 34348031.
Compact in size and weight, the LPOD-R complements existing LPOD product line offerings, providing an excellent high- performance option for installations with limited available mounting space.
Zahr Taher, Managing Director of FinMark added, "We are delighted to announce that LPOD has come on board this year as the Entertainment Sponsor for the Tamkeen Business Quiz Show.
Both indoor and outdoor models of Comtech EF Data's frequency conversion RF Products were also ordered, specifically the LPOD Block Up Converter, the UT-4505 Up Converter and the DT-4503 Down Converter.
The LPOD has plenty of thrills and spill for the entire family to enjoy.
The venue will be donating part of the proceeds of their first LPOD Challenge to the Ria Centre in Adliya.
This order includes Comtech's Advanced VSAT Solutions, Vipersat Management System (VMS) and LPOD Block Up Converters.
The '2010 Wave Review' competition saw LPOD win in the 'Print Media' and 'Outdoor Billboard' advertising categories, representing not only Bahrain but also the GCC as the only winner from the Middle East at the awards, said officials.
Complementing the Advanced VSAT Solutions, LPOD Block Up Converters were also ordered based on their field-proven performance characteristics and unmatched remote monitor and control capabilities.
LPOD and the adjacent five-star Al Areen Palace are the first components in the multi-billion dollar Al Areen Development.