LPOPListening Post Observation Post
LPOPLittle Piece of Paradise
LPOPLocal Point of Presence (nternet/digital communications)
LPOPLarge Parameter Optimization Problem (computing)
LPOPLipid Peroxidation Potential
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However, the sella turcica and cerebral cisterns appear normal (also imaging criteria for IIH, (2, 5) and the LPOP was in the very upper limit of the reference range.
LPOP is also significant and coefficient is positively contributing to poverty that is 1 percent increase in population increases poverty up to 40 percent.
Table 2 presents the equivalent set of results using LGDP in place of LPOP.
(22.) Variables include the unemployment rate (unem), the natural logarithm of population (lpop), and the population growth rate (popg).
TABLE 1 Statistics for Sample Land Sales in the East Area: 150 Observations in 1984-1995 Variables Mean Standard Deviation Minimum Maximum LPA 10.63 1.48 6.59 13.30 LACRES 0.43 1.69 -2.79 6.40 LPOP 8.44 0.41 7.10 9.16 LCBD 1.32 0.38 -0.12 2.13 ZB 0.59 0.49 0 1.00 LPA = Log of price per acre LACRES = Log of acres LPOP = Log of population LCBD = Log of distance to CBD ZB = Business zoning
In 1992, the HPOP developed more lint from flowers tagged during the first 3 wk of anthesis compared with the LPOP (Fig.
lPOP stars Des'ree, Gabrielle and Damage have recorded a song to Damilola with his friends from Peckham's Oliver Goldsmith School.
lPOP duo Daphne and Celeste seem the best of friends when they're performing - but they don't even like each other.
lPOP divas All Saints have been boosted up the bill at a pop concert - by royal command.
Intron 1 in LWS LpOps1-4 and LpOps8 is strictly conserved among insect LWS opsins, and intron 2 of LpOps 1-4 matches in position and phase an intron in some LWS opsins of insects (Battelle et al., 2016).