LPP1Lipid Phosphate Phosphatase-1
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Two enzymes metabolize LPA, LPP1 in the outer leaflet of the membrane hydrolyzes LPA into MAG, and LPAAT transfers an acyl chain to LPA in the inner leaflet of the membrane producing PA.
The genomic fragment containing -1921 to -221 bp upstream of the transcription start site of human LPP1 gene was PCR amplified from human genomic DNA with the primers (5'-CTTGATAGTACAACAGGGTCA and 5'-TCAGGTGGTCTCCGAACT) with flanking sites of NheI and XhoI.
PPREs Are Recurrent Motifs in the 5'-Flanking Region of Human LPP1 Gene.
PPAR[gamma] Upregulates LPP1 Gene Expression in ECs.
LPP1 mRNA level were not affected by neither PPAR[alpha] nor PPAR[beta]/[delta] overexpression.
As shown in Figure 3, PPAR[gamma] antagonism significantly attenuated the LPP1 induction by rosiglitazone.
PPAR[gamma] Binds to the PPRE in the Promoter of Human LPP1 Gene.
PPAR[gamma] Increases the Promoter Activity of Human LPP1 Gene via Binding to PPRE3.
In the present study, we have demonstrated a transcriptional mechanism regulating the expression of LPP1 gene.
Elucidation of the transcriptional regulation of LPP1 is of physiological importance because LPP1 is a key enzyme responsible for the catabolism of LPA and SIP which are the bioactive lipid phosphates [5].