LPPDLook Pretty Play Dirty
LPPDLake Placid Police Department (Lake Placid, FL)
LPPDLean Product and Process Development
LPPDLouisville Pagan Pride Day (Louisville, KY)
LPPDLester Prairie Police Department (Minnesota)
LPPDLansing Pagan Pride Day (East Lansing, MI)
LPPDLate Proximal Pouch Dilatation (obesity)
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Moreover, the group fed on LPD plus LPPD containing 2% adenine and 1 ml/day gum Arabic (GA) / Kg body weight for each rat was taken orally (group 9) exhibited synergistic effect and it was recorded the highest decreasing in the resultant from AST, ALT and ALP activities 22.
Group (3): BD + 1 ml/day gum Arabic (GA) / Kg body weight for each rat+ 2 % adenine Group (4): Low phosphorus and potassium diet (LPPD) + 2 % adenine Group (5): LPPD + 1 ml/day gum Arabic (GA) / Kg body weight for each rat+2 % adenine Group (6): Low protein diet (LPD) +2 % adenine.
The key difference is that "eugenics" has been replaced by "maternal and infant health care" in the English translation of the LPPD.
When Article 11 of the LPPD was first enacted, provincial governments were just beginning to adopt regulations preventing certain categories of people from marrying and/or requiring them to be sterilised in order to gain permission to marry.