LPPVLow Frequency Positive Pressure Ventilation
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According to Drew Walker, vice president of sales and marketing at AGY, "The MoD's LPPV vehicle program requires a significant level of armoring to protect against ballistic, mine, and roadside bomb threats, and this is achieved in part through the use of our S-2 Glass reinforcing fibers.
EXCITING TIMES: John Nollett, managing director of Pailton Engineering and the Foxhound LPPV (below)
The success of the contract has led to another win -work on a new range of light-protected patrol vehicles (LPPVs) to replace the Snatch Land Rover, which was first introduced in 1992 for use in Northern Ireland.
Previous blast tests have already proven the SPV400 protection levels exceed the stringent requirements of the LPPV Programme however, whilst protection levels cannot be revealed for security reasons, these latest tests have successfully achieved yet more.
We have already reached the levels of protection asked for by the LPPV programme yet have chosen to continue our development to strive further still and these tests have proven that by the SPV400 withstanding some simply massive explosions , said Nick Ames, Managing Director, Supacat Ltd.
To counter this, the modular-design Ocelot has a V-shaped hull, running from the front to the rear bumper, which pushes the impact of the blast outwards and away from the LPPV and reducing the danger.
The South Carolina-based manufacturer of military vehicles is hoping to capitalise on the MoD light protected patrol vehicle (LPPV) programme.
The new LPPV vehicles are intended to replace the Snatch version of the Land Rover, and eventually also the weapons-mounted installation-kit Land Rover model.
A programme that sparked off the inception of a number of new light armoured vehicles types was certainly the British Army Light Protected Patrol Vehicle (LPPV) programme aimed at seeing the replacement of Snatch Land Rovers that are no match against the increasing effectiveness of roadside bombs in Afghanistan.
AUTOMOTIVE consultancy Ricardo has joined forces with defence firm Force Protection Europe to develop a light protected patrol vehicle (LPPV) it says offers much higher levels of occupant protection and operational flexibility than current vehicles.
The British Light Protected Patrol Vehicle (LPPV) programme has sparked the development of numerous 7.5 tonners, especially in Britain, many of which were unveiled in 2009 at the DVD and DSEi exhibitions.
The first is the LPPV (Light Protected Patrol Vehicle), for which a pre-questionnaire was to be answered by late July.