LPRELiquid Propellant Rocket Engine
LPRELaboratory of Polymer Reaction Engineering (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece)
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Its annual fecundity in the La Plata River Estuary (LPRE), as estimated by integrating successive batches in a spawning season, attained 3 to 7 million eggs annually (Macchi et al, 2003).
BR: Brazil, UY: Uruguay, AR: Argentina, AUCFZ: Argentine-Uruguayan Common Fishery Zone, SB: southern Brazil, SEB: southeastern Brazil, NEB: northeastern Brazil, LPRE: Rio de la Plata Estuary.
These tests do not reject the null hypothesis that random effects are appropriate except at the 10 percent level for the long-tailed runs where the dependent variable is the long-tailed premium-to-loss ratio, LPRE. Thus, the random effects models are, in general, preferred to the fixed effects models.