LPRMLine Printer Removal
LPRMLine Printer Remove
LPRMLow-Power Range Monitor
LPRMLocal Power Range Monitor
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(a) 72 LPRM signals (located within 2 levels of the Ringhals reactor, each level has a total of 36 LPRMs, such levels are called 2 and 4), [f.sub.s] = 12.5 Hz.
This instability case is registered by 96 LPRM signals.
The C4_APRM and C4_LPRM_x signals correspond to average power monitors (APRM) and local range monitors LPRM. The entire case 4 consists of a total of 23 signals, 22 LPRMs and 1 APRM.
The mean(IF) and std(IF) of all of the studied segments of the targeted LPRM are also given in this table.
Caption: Figure 10: Analyzed segment of the studied LPRM 2 signal.
Caption: Figure 16: Comparison of the mean(SampEn) values for both studied sets (a stable set of 208 APRM signals versus an unstable set of 96 LPRM signals).
Signal Mean(SampEn) Median(SampEn) Std(SampEn) APRM 1.1288 1.0994 0.1398 Table 2: Mean(SampEn), Median(SampEn), and std(Sampen) of the analyzed LPRM 2.
This case consists of a total of 72 LPRMs distributed in two floors or levels of 36 LPRMs each.
100% of the Forsmakr Case 4 studied LPRMs confirm BWR instability through our proposed SampEn + NA-MEMD methodology.