LPROLow Pressure Reverse Osmosis
LPROLytton Park Residents' Organization (Toronto, Canada)
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According to the methods in Sections 3.1 and 3.2.1, we build a neural network model which takes the warning signs indexes (OPC, LPC, PEC, WAC, and PML) as input and the warning situation indexes (OPRP, LPRO) as output to predict the warning situation index (production) of the oilfield development risk from 2010.01 to 2010.03 based on the data in Table 1.
We use genie software to construct the Bayesian network model for the index system of oilfield block development risk which contains OPRO, LPRO, OPC, LPC, PEC, WAC, and PML as in Figure 3 and learn the parameter of Bayesian network based on the history data and the experience of experts as in Figure 4.
Caption: Figure 5: The posterior probability distribution under the evidence of OPRO heavy warning and LPRO Normal.
Caption: Figure 6: The posterior probability distribution under the evidence of OPRO light warning and LPRO Normal.
Request for Bids: Installation of low pressure reverse osmosis (lpro) concentrate pipeline
Contractor shall provide all labor, materials, equipment and incidentals required to construct a new discharge outfall foam the City s Water Treatment Plant (WTP) Low Pressure Reverse Osmosis (LPRO) facility to the San Sebastian River in its entirety as shown on the Drawings and as specified herein.
Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: acquiring a reconditioned using ultrafast ultrasound shear waves generated by the ultrasound radiation force for ultrasonic imaging plateau lpro health - specialty maintenance and biomedical technology iut aix-marseille
lPROS have been passing on coaching tips to the stars of the future at the Junior Golf Improvement Centre.