LPSHLeadership Programme for Serving Headteachers (aka Leadership Programme for Serving Heads; UK)
LPSHLeadership Programme for Serving Heads (aka Leadership Programme for Serving Headteachers; UK)
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Key explanatory variables include Ownership pattern (Promoters' shareholding (LPSH), Indian Financial Institutions' Shareholding (LISH) and Foreign Institutional investors' shareholding (LFII), Board Size (LBS-Log of total number of directors in a firm's board), Independent Directors (LIND- Log of percentage of Independent directors to total directors in a firm's board ownership) and Remuneration of executive directors (LATR- Log of average of total remuneration of executive directors in a firm).
C -1.936103 0.875319 -2.211883 0.0295 LPSH 0.260611 0.274131 0.950682 0.3443 LISH -0.120663 0.059204 -2.038076 0.0445 LFII -0.067017 0.041310 -1.622309 0.1082 LBS 0.986313 0.281733 3.500879 0.0007 LIND -0.310896 0.223470 -1.391217 0.1676 LATR 0.329880 0.063422 5.201338 0.0000 R-squared 0.531057 F-statistic 3.920044 Adjusted R-squared 0.395585 Prob (F-statistic) 0.000001 S.E.
It provides aspiring head teachers with training through the National Professional Qualification for Headteachers (NPQH); support for newly appointed headteachers through the Professional Headship Induction Programme (PHIP); and encouragement for further professional development for those in post through the Leadership Programme for Serving Headteachers (LPSH).