LPSILow Pressure Safety Injection (nuclear power)
LPSILivestock and Poultry Sciences Institute (USDA)
LPSILa Piccola Scuola Italiana (Italian: Little Italian School; San Francisco, CA)
LPSIlights per square inch
LPSILiberty Payment Services Inc.
LPSILoss Prevention Systems, Inc. (Kennesaw, GA)
LPSILaboratoire de Physique des Surfaces et Interfaces (French: Laboratory of the Physics of Surfaces and Interfaces; Belgium)
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Symmetry indexes (SI) were calculated using the normalized values of the position of the LASI and RASI (frontal symmetry) and LPSI and RPSI (dorsal symmetry) and the following equation [20]:
The largest difference between the conditions could be seen in the displacements of the LPSI, RPSI, and RASI markers.
On the other hand, the observed slight increase in the displacement of pelvic markers, especially LPSI, after walking with the insole for six minutes (TP3) could be because of the habituation to the induced discomfort.
Caption: Figure 4: Normalized displacements of the Left Anterior Superior Iliacus (LASI), Right Anterior Superior Iliacus (RASI), Left Posterior Superior Iliacus (LPSI), and Right Posterior Superior Iliacus (RPSI) pelvic markers are shown.
Second, the active safety systems such as HPSI, LPSI, and SDS were assumed to fail.
To diminish these causes of overpressurization, cavity flooding was performed using low-pressure safety injection (LPSI) in this study.
Additionally, we can have linear polarization sum imaging (LPSI) which has intensity defined as
The measured intensity distribution of the LPSI are formed as
After the LPSI of a scene are formed, it is desirable to display them in a way that optimizes the use of the available dynamic range of the imaging system.