LPSSLorne Park Secondary School (Ontario, Canada)
LPSSLafayette Parish School System (Louisiana)
LPSSLucent Public Safety Systems
LPSSLow-Pressure Sewer Systems
LPSSLaw, Public Safety and Security
LPSSLong-Pulse Spallation Source
LPSSAmphibious Transport Submarine
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LPSs may also induce cytoskeleton disruption and microvascular endothelial barrier integrity, in part, through NOS, RhoA, and NF-?B activation.[sup][38]
Apart from the current biological and clinical studies concerning LPSs, great efforts are also underway to find new or improved ways to exploit LPSs for the benefit of both research and pharmaceutical uses.
The cultural tendency of Kakao-Talk use also implies that Kakao-Talk can be adopted as a writing practice platform for LPSs' writing enhancement and diverse interactions.
The optimal control theory is widely employed for optimization of lumped parameter systems (LPSs), which are modeled by ordinary differential equations [15-17].
For the purpose of this article, I will focus on the LPSs of 7 children: Sean and Stryker (age 6); Fiona, Reja, Earl, and Yousef (age 7); and Zane (age 8).
As shown in Figure 10, the horizontal axis represents the query which is performed on each sensor node and LPSs (low power switchgears).
The kidney is the main metabolism and excretion route of toxins; lipopolysaccharides (LPSs) can be reabsorbed by the tubules.
In particular, it is known that O-acetylation of the deoxy-talose is important for differential reactivity towards monoclonal antibodies between the LPSs of B.
Because LPS molecules are the main determinant of the pathogenicity and the virulence in gram-negative species, LPSs are often referred to as endotoxins.
LPSs should be located outside of the protected structures to prevent side flashes to interior objects and people.