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LPST officers Steven Brown and David Telfer and myself are aware and will continue to provide foot and cycle patrols in the area.
LPST and SMT are part of manual therapy techniques with different therapeutic effects (11-13).
The effects of two groups of interventions; the LPST training and the SMT among the weightlifters with CLBP were investigated through a within subject repeated measures cross-over randomized allocation study design.
Our proposed technique of integrated LPST FIR band-pass filter has low computational complexity.
Expression for Frequency Response Coefficients of a LPST FIR Filter.
According to Pseudocode 1, the STAMN model is constructed incrementally using [h.sub.t] as in Figure 7(a), and the LPST is constructed as Figure 7(b).
To illustrate the difference between the STAMN and LPST, we present the comparison results in Figure 8.
Los listones LPST se curvaron directamente en el dispositivo para deformacion de tipo flexion curva, colocado en una maquina universal de ensayos mecanicos (Figura 1).
La Figura 4 muestra las diferencias entre las pendientes P/y de un liston sin tratamiento (LPST) y de un liston suavizado (LPS) con tratamiento higro-termico.
III ESAs (including Remediation and Construction Oversight), Affected Property Assessment Reports, Brownfield Site Assessments, Leaking Petroleum Storage Tank (hereafter referred to as LPST ) assessments, and Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (hereafter referred to as SPCC ) plans.
Under these contracts, EA will provide remediation engineering and oversight services at leaking petroleum storage tank (LPST) sites under TCEQ s State Lead Program, a program authorized to remediate situations where a release of petroleum poses a risk to human health and the environment.