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LPT1Line Printer 1 (First Parallel Printer)
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Unfortunately, like a lot of shareware, not to mention commercial programs, it insisted on LPT1 as the printer port.
Installation and operation is simple, but most plotters use the serial port and the output must be redirected to LPT1: for Capture to function.
The concessionaire for the East Coast Expressway 1 (LPT1), Anih Berhad is investigating an incident on an alleged fight between a staff at the Gambang R and R here with an express bus driver.
Irritation #2: The BIP system absolutely demands that you use printer port number one (LPT1:) as your printer port.
Police discovered two firearms and over 100 of live bullets in one of the four vehicles that involved in an accident at Km 132.4 of the East Coast Expressway 1 (LPT1) yesterday.
C:\GOSCRIP-RWIN.PRN= LPT1:= LPT2:= LPT3:= COM1:=9600,n,8,1 COM2:=9600,n,8,1 COM3:=9600,n,8,1 COM4:=9600,n,8,1 EPT:= FILE:= LPT1.OS2= LPT2.OS2= AppleTalk=
Two family members died, while six others were injured in a crash involving three vehicles at Km 233.6 on the East Coast Expressway (LPT1) near the Kuantan Rest and Recreation area here, at midnight, according to police.