LPTALicensed Physical Therapist Assistant
LPTALaboratoire de Physique Théorique et Astroparticules (Theoretical Physics Laboratory and Astroparticles; Montpellier, France)
LPTALouisiana Physical Therapy Association (Baton Rouge, LA)
LPTALowest Priced Technically Acceptable (contract)
LPTALightweight Third-Party Authentication (computer security)
LPTALiaoning Post and Telecommunications Administration (China)
LPTALight Producing Transgenic Animal
LPTALake Park Townhome Association (Lake Park, NC)
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Federal acquisition and industry professionals have noted the following issues with LPTA versus full trade-off (Watson, 2015).
Under the terms of the LPTA, Uluru has agreed to pay Altrazeal Trading and IPMD, collectively, a net transfer fee of EUR 2,273,771, which is net of amounts owed by Altrazeal Trading to the company.
Options for vendor selection include LPTA, or a Lowest Price Technically Acceptable offer, and participation by small business.
Further analysis showed that SeRTs were only weakly correlated with audiometric thresholds: HINT thresholds did not correlate with either LPTA (r = 0.
Le repondant de Blainville mentionne que la ville n'a jamais envisage, meme avant l'adoption de la LPTA, de developper son espace agricole.
Eliminate LPTA and staff augmentation contracting other than for commodity services with minimal mission impact," Defense Business Board Report, July 24, 2014.
In our application of General Systems Theory to LPTA, systems reach equilibrium in relation to LTPA as a behavior and the interactions between systems make inactivity or activity the best solution.
3] Air Force personnel very seldom use the sealed bid acquisition approach now because an LPTA includes the same award decision principle as sealed bids and also offers the opportunity to hold exchanges with the offerors.
Large companies have money but it's harder for them to be agile and cost effective in an LPTA environment," says Oberoi.
DoD's policy is to use LPTA only when there is (1) an objectively measurable standard of performance, and (2) there is no desire for any performance above some defined level of acceptability in that standard.
The winning team for both segments is led by HP, which won on the basis of the terms the DON established from the beginning of the source selection: lowest-price-technically-acceptable or LPTA.
The practice of choosing the lowest-cost products, known as lowest price, technically acceptable, or LPTA, is standard when buying soldier systems.