LPTALicensed Physical Therapist Assistant
LPTALaboratoire de Physique Théorique et Astroparticules (Theoretical Physics Laboratory and Astroparticles; Montpellier, France)
LPTALouisiana Physical Therapy Association (Baton Rouge, LA)
LPTALowest Priced Technically Acceptable (contract)
LPTALightweight Third-Party Authentication (computer security)
LPTALiaoning Post and Telecommunications Administration (China)
LPTALight Producing Transgenic Animal
LPTALake Park Townhome Association (Lake Park, NC)
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Despite being a common contracting method, LPTA does not leave room for innovation, she added.
In the current study, when socioeconomic and demographic factors were taken into account in this study, there was no relationship between family size and LPTA. This difference in methodology may explain the discrepancy in findings between Artazcoz et al.
Further studies utilized lipid A modifying enzymes to demonstrate that LPS accumulated at the periplasmic face of the inner membrane when the soluble periplasmic protein LptA was inactivated thus identifying a putative LPS carrier for this process [121].
These criteria are considered across the best-value continuum spanning from LPTA to full trade-off in which the noncost factors may be significantly more important than cost/price.
Also, significant increase in LPTA activity was observed in exercise group compared to pretest and control group as shown in Table 3.
Under the terms of the LPTA, Uluru has agreed to pay Altrazeal Trading and IPMD, collectively, a net transfer fee of EUR 2,273,771, which is net of amounts owed by Altrazeal Trading to the company.
Options for vendor selection include LPTA, or a Lowest Price Technically Acceptable offer, and participation by small business.
We obtained low-frequency pure-tone average (LPTA) thresholds by averaging thresholds at 250, 500, 1,000, 1,500, and 2,000 Hz.
According to the contract, DRB-HICOM will work on two Tata Motors models, LPTA 715 and the LPTA 1623.
Victor Gavin, Program Executive Officer for Enterprise Information Systems, said the LPTA approach is critical to ensuring a competitive environment moving forward.