LPTILeeds Psychotherapy Training Institute (UK)
LPTILembaga Penelitian Tanaman Industri (Indonesian: Industrial Crops Research Institute)
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Coupled with the Executive's interpretive authority, advice to the interested parties prospectively encompasses questions of international law that might arise before Mexican courts within the blocking statute.(155) Therefore, the LPTI represents an original model for Executive-Judiciary relations in questions of international law touching vital national interests.
The LPTI follows this approach.(226) So do, to a different extent, the Federal Code of Civil Procedures "International procedural Cooperation" Chapter(227) and the Extradition Act,(228) deferring to pertinent treaties and Conventions Where possible.(229)
(155.) The LPTI commands Mexican courts to deny recognition and enforcement of judgments, judicial orders, and arbitral awards resulting from foreign laws containing objectives specified in the law Mexican courts could enforce foreign monetary judgments and awards against parties who gained economic benefits from foreign judgments and awards resulting from the same foreign laws.
(226.) Article 1 of the LPTI proscribes individuals and private or public corporations "within national territory, whose acts take place or wholly or partially produce effects in that territory, or those subject to Mexican laws.