LPTRLine Printer
LPTRLimbic Psychotic Trigger Reaction (neuropsychology)
LPTRLeading Practice through Research (UK)
LPTRLow Pressure Turbine Rotor (gas turbines)
LPTRLivermore Pool Type Reactor
LPTRLinking Plans to Resources
LPTRLow Powered Training Round
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LNEW Pointer to the first empty location in LIST and LPTR (list length plus one).
Since LIST and LPTR contain two entries for each triangulation arc (each endpoint stored as a neighbor of the other), their length is L- 2N,,, and more generally
b] [is not equal to 0] and both the triangulation and Voronoi diagram are needed, copies of LPTR, LEND, and LNEW must be saved before calling CRLIST.