LPVALeelanau Peninsula Vintners Association (Michigan)
LPVALibertarian Party of Virginia
LPVALine-Powered Voice Access (telecommunications)
LPVALate Potentials of Ventricular Activation (cardiology)
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Based on HPLC analysis, each g of the air-dried powdered LPva contained 0.26% of gallic acid, 0.03% of rutin and 0.02% of myricetin when 80% ethanol was used as the extraction solvent.
5-(Z-nonadec-14-enyl)resorcinol, demethylbelamcandaquinone B, gallic acid, myricetin and rutin were chosen as analytical markers of LPva extracts based on previous reports that gallic acid, myricetin and rutin provided protective effect towards myocardial infarction in rats (Tiwari et al.
Meanwhile, there was a significant reduction (p < 0.05) of serum LDL level in rats receiving both LPva extracts, dose-dependently, as compared to HCD rats.
Effects of LPva extracts on serum biochemical, antioxidant system and lipid peroxidation
Effects of LPva extracts on histopathological changes of abdominal aorta
4 shows the effects of both aqueous and ethanol extracts of LPva on histophatological changes in abdominal aorta of high cholesterol diet (HCD) rat in comparison to normal control, nega tive control (HCD rats) and positive control (atorvastatin, 10 mg/kg daily in HCD rats).