LPVSLink Packetized Voice Subsystem
LPVSLand Product Validation Subgroup (Committee on Earth Observation Satellites)
LPVSLink Packetized Voice System
LPVSLocalized Pigmented Villonodular Synovitis (joint swelling)
LPVSLeft Portal Vein Stenosis
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I enjoyed the clinic in February that contrasted an ILS and an LPV, but the best choice there was driven by differences in minimums.
The revised equipment coding can be complicated because some codes represent the capability of installed equipment (B for LPV capability with a WAAS GPS) and authorizations (W for approval to operate in RVSM airspace), for instance.
Specific growth rate: SGR (% BW/day) = (LnWf- LnWi) X 100/t; FE (%) = (Wf - Wi) x 100/IF; Feed conversion ratio: FCR = IF/(Wf- Wi); Protein productive value: PPV (%) = 100 x (Retained protein/IP); Lipid productive value: LPV (%) = 100 x (Retained lipid/IL); Digestive gland index: DGI (%) = (DGW/Wf) x 100, where IP is the ingested protein in g and IL the ingested lipid in g; DGW = digestive gland weight and IF is the feed ingested according to the following formula:
The LPVs were observed by chopping mechanically 1064 nm continuous laser beam, which showed a linear relationship with irradiated position, suggesting a potential application for position sensitive detectors at room temperature.
-- Be aware that LPVs (Miras) at maximum and SRs tend to be red, and take care to minimise the Purkinje effect.
Over the past few years the FAA has added new non-precision instrument approaches at a remarkable rate--thousands of procedures with names like LNAV and VNAV, and ILS-comparable LPV approaches--2208 LPV approaches alone.
New LPA and LPV "luggable" PCs from CyberResearch are said to offer the power of a PC workstation--at speeds up to 3.2 GHz--in a compact carrying case.
AAVSO provided 20 years' worth of computer-readable data, totaling one million observations, for more than 300 LPVs. And, for many of the targets, AAVSO could offer the times and magnitudes of maxima and minima over the last 75 years.
This is an LPV procedure with a DA of 1389 feet, 250 feet above the touchdown zone elevation of 1139.
This agreement allows Jorgensen to market and distribute Safe Rx's Safe Rx locking prescription vials (LPVs) throughout North America and overseas.
The BAA VSS database contains some 18,355 observations of 62 stars made by Lindley between 1921 and 1953.34 Most of the stars were LPVs, (35) which represented the bulk of the VSS target list at the time, although he observed other variables including novae, such as Nova Her 1934 (DQ Her), (36) and dwarf novae.
For airports with terrain obstructions prohibiting LPV operations, the LP approach simply offers the lowest possible MDA given the environment.